Baldini's Reno Review

Baldini's Sports Casino is in an industrial area of Sparks, behind the Grand Sierra, sorta. The slot floor is relatively new, the food is good enough. The floor pays out enough to keep people coming back. Locals come here for those good reasons. It's not fancy, and neither are the players.


Since there's no hotel attached to Baldini's, it's a local's "slot house". Definitely not the place to come people-watching! Player's seem to pretty much mind their own business while playing.

Comfort & Safety

Baldini's draws an older, local crowd than many places, but everyone is friendly. There's not much going on around there at night, so it's just Baldini's folks going in and out of the area.

Baldini's Reno Gaming

Baldini's has been a local's slot floor for ages, and has learned which promotions will keep their happy locals coming back. That's always a good sign for anyone wanting to play. There are only slots here, no table games.

Slot Machines (Review: B)

Baldini's has just under 500 slot machines. Most everything is TITO, and the machines are from a variety of manufacturers. Since its a local's joint, we seem to be able to get good playtime from our $20.

Player's Club (Review: C)

The Baldini's All-Stars Player's Club is a basic comp/slot tracking system. They're just starting to improve their direct mail offers, so we'll report back when we see more.

Sportsbook (Review: C+)

The Baldini's sportsbook has plenty of TVs and a large bar. Lines are managed by the CalNeva.

Keno (Review: C+)

Baldini's does have a Keno game available, and Keno runners throughout the casino and restaurants.

Baldini's Reno Dining

Basic food, at inexpensive prices. The $6 per person buffet is a great value when you're hungry.

The Brickyard (Casual Dining, $, B)

Beer: Check. Bar Food: Check. Low-Cost: Check. Why not?

The Empire Diner (Casual Dining, $, B)

The Empire Diner is Baldin's 24-hour coffee shop. Reasonable prices, solid service, and tasty food make it a fine choice when you just need some good comfort food!

Fallen Leaf Buffet (Buffets, $, B-)

Baldini's has a good up-and-coming buffet, and with its low-cost "2 can dine for" specials, its a great value in the area. The food is good, the seating is comfortable. However, its not a mega-buffet, and the service area still feels a bit old. Know that you're getting an inexpensive buffet going in and you'll enjoy yourself.