Cal Neva Reno Review

The Club Cal Neva downtown isn't a fancy place. It stays in business by offering acceptable food, a loose slot floor, and running many of the sports books in town. Rooms at the Club CalNeva should appeal to the very budget-constrained traveler who wants to stay downtown.


The CalNeva seems to have a very loyal following. There's obviously the sportsbook players, since the CalNeva has a huge business in that. There's also a following of locals that make their way to the CalNeva. It's an older crowd, but folks are always friendly and polite.

Comfort & Safety

The CalNeva has a unique crowd and a unique vibe. It's downtown, but seems to draw a lot of locals. The staff is friendly and seems to know a lot of their players. People are in here playing because it's what they do, not because they're passing through.

Cal Neva Reno Gaming

The Club Cal Neva casino has a wandering slot floor, a variety of table games, and, of course, a sportsbook. However, even though the Club Cal Neva writes many of the sportsbook lines in Northern Nevada, the actual facility here is only okay.

Slot Machines (Review: B)

The Club Cal Neva has a surprisingly large slot floor, and games spread out on both the upper and lower levels, as well as the bridge to the parking garage. The focus on local players gives lots of penny machines, lower but frequent jackpots, and friendly service. More information about the Cal Neva Slot Machines.

Sportsbook (Review: C)

The Club Cal Neva sets the lines and runs a large number of the sportsbooks in the Reno gaming area. They have very competitive and strong lines in the area, it really is the best bet. The service at the Club Cal Neva falls way short of the quality of their lines. Its not where you want to be on Sunday morning, but you'll find yourself for the lines anyways. Plenty of TVs to watch, but its not the high-class place to hang out. Awesome for lines, forgettable for service and atmosphere. More information about the Cal Neva Sportsbook.

Cal Neva Reno Dining

There are several dining choices at the Club Cal Neva, mostly value-oriented basic stops fitting in with the Cal Neva's niche in Reno. That being said, the two fancier places can put together a good plate of food and still be aware of how much it costs.

Top Deck Restaurant (Casual Dining, $, B-)

This 24-hour coffee shop has a standard menu, no-frills environment, and decent value. No surprises here, and that's a good thing.

Casino Grill Diner (Casual Dining, $, C)

The Casino Grill is a quick diner-style grill sitting in the bottom floor of the Cal Neva. Its a bit unique in that its so functionally basic. There's no table seating or table service. Heck, there's no tables!

The Pasta Shoppe (Casual Dining, $, No Grade)

Copper Ledge (Casual Dining, $$, No Grade)

Skyway Deli (Snacks, $, B)

The aptly-named Skyway Deli is located on the 2nd floor skyway connecting the parking garage to the main casino.

Sportsbook Deli (Snacks, $, B-)

The Sports Deli is (obviously) next to the Sports Book, and really there just to grab a bite while you're watching your lines.

Cal Neva Reno Hotel

In 2015 the Cal Neva sold the Hotel portion of their business to Siegel Suites. There are no longer any hotel rooms run by the Club Cal Neva.