Eldorado Reno Review

The Eldorado is one of the major Reno casinos, with all the services you'd expect. They have good high-end table play, a large slot floor, and the food is some of the best around. The casino area is starting to feel a little dated though. Eldo links with the Legacy & Circus Circus for a fun keep-going-down-the-hall experience.


The Eldo draws a bit of everyone, and lots of show-goers when an event is going on. They also put effort into drawing the Asian crowd, getting folks up from the Bay Area.

Comfort & Safety

There's plenty to do at the Eldorado, and since it's connected to the two other properties, there's lots to do without going outside.

Eldorado Reno Gaming

The Eldorado boasts Reno's largest slot floor with over 2000 machines. The casino area is spread out, so it might not feel that large and massive, although many VIPs go there.

Slot Machines (Review: B-)

The Eldorado is the largest slot floor of any casino in Reno at 2000 slots. Although, to be honest, it doesn't feel that big. There's a mix of older games as well as newer games. Some banks of slots can be tight and too close to other people, while others make you feel like you're sitting too far out in the open.

Sportsbook (Review: C-)

The small sportsbook on the main casino floor at the Eldorado is run by the Cal Neva. There's only a handful of TVs and a small number of seats. Its a fine place to get a Cal Neva line, but there are better places to sit and watch games.

Eldorado Reno Dining

The Eldorado Casino in Reno has a reputation for good food and good wine. They have very good fine dining, a range of choices for casual dining, and a solid buffet.

Roxy (Fine Dining, $$$$, B+)

If you're looking for a good steak and seafood restaurant, Roxy is a great choice. It's more expensive than some places, and less expensive than others. But most importantly, the food is good and the atmosphere enjoyable. Thought it's not on our "regular" rotation list, it's a great place to splurge for a special event.

La Strada (Fine Dining, $$$, B)

If you like Macaroni Grill, think of La Strada as the slightly more upscale, non-chain version of that restaurant. Good atmosphere, good service, and good food overall. Not the best Italian restaurant in the area, but certainly a fine choice if you're downtown.

The Prime Rib Grill (Fine Dining, $$$, B)

We had a fine evening at the Prime Rib Grill. The restaurant area was fine, the meal was good, and the service was attentive. But, with so many other good choices close by, I think we'll try something new rather than go back. That said, it still earned a "B" from Biggest Little Weekend, so at least go once and make up your own mind.

Brew Brothers (Casual Dining, $, B+)

If you're not going to try the beer, there's better food elsewhere. If you want a good microbrew and pub-style food to go along with that beer, move Brew Brother's to the top of your list.

Tivoli Gardens and Golden Fortune (Casual Dining, $, B)

Tivoli Gardens is the coffee shop inside the Eldorado. The Eldorado lists the Golden Fortune as a separate restaurant, but its really a separate menu inside Tivoli Gardens.

Chef's Buffet (Buffets, $$, B)

Great ambiance, good food, and decent variety make for a nice buffet. Just be careful on weekends as the price can add up quickly.

Eldorado Coffee Company (Snacks, $, B)

The Eldorado Coffee Company is a small coffee-stand outside Tivoli Gardens. Not much for environment, but they dessert counter definitely caught our sweet tooth.

Eldorado Reno Hotel

The Eldorado hotel has just over 800 rooms and a wide array of services. Being one the remodeled and larger casinos, it has everything you would expect.

Pool (Amenities, Review: B-)

The Pool at the Eldorado is free to hotel guests, and located outside the 5th floor. Its not terribly large or fancy, but it *does* have a bar right there!

RV Parking (Amenities, Review: D+)

We believe the Valet at the Eldo can park your RV off-site, but that's about it.

Business Center (Amenities, Review: C+)

There is a small business center with computers located on the mezzanine level, additional fees may apply.

Meetings and Conferences (Amenities, Review: C+)

With only 12,000 feet of meeting space, the Eldorado is better suited for small and medium-sized meetings. They also have executive boardrooms, breakout rooms, and catering services.

Gift Shop (Amenities, Review: C)

There are a few small boutiques on the main level offering mostly logo wear, gifts, and jewelry.

Cabaret (Amenities, Review: A)

There are lots of entertainment options at the Eldorado, but no traditional casino cabaret (which may be a good thing). There is the large theater, and live music often at Roxy's, Brew Brothers, and a few other of their lounges.

Airport Shuttle (Services, Review: A)

The Eldorado airport shuttle runs hourly from 6am to 11pm, with additional every-30-minute routes during the days on Friday and Saturday.

Concierge/Bell Desk (Services, Review: C+)

The Guest Services staff can help arranging bookings and other things for off-property events.

Laundry Service (Services, Review: B-)

The Bell Desk can arrange for off-property dry-cleaning if you need.

On-Property Car Rental (Services, Review: B-)

Hertz has pick-up/drop-off services located near the Bell Desk.

Room Service (Services, Review: B+)

Room service is available 24 hours, and has a separate menu than any of the restaurants. We like the food at the Eldorado, and would expect their room service to also be good.

Front Desk (Services, Review: B)

The Eldo front desk has been fast and accurate for us. No problems there.

Upgraded Rooms (Room Descriptions, Review: B+)

All the rooms at the Eldorado are least what BLW classifies as "Upgraded", there's nothing old and outdated here! They call their rooms the "Petite Economy Room", "Standard Room", "Deluxe Room", and "Luxury Room".

Suites (Room Descriptions, Review: A)

The Eldorado has a variety of suites, called the "Studio Suite", "E Suite", "Player's Spa Suite", "Large Player's Spa Suite", and "Spa Tower Player's Suite". Be aware that the Player's Suites, and many of the other suites, may be reserved for Casino VIPs.

Penthouse Suites (Room Descriptions, Review: A)

There are two classes of Penthouses at the Eldorado, the "Spa Tower 1-bedroom Suite", and the "Penthouse Suite". Although the former isn't on the Penthouse, at 1500 square feet its certainly large enough to be one of the best rooms in Reno.

Internet Service (Room Features, Review: D+)

Wireless internet service at the Eldorado is $9.95 per day.

In-Room Refridgerator (Room Features, Review: B-)

A refrigerator can be brought to your room for an additional $10 per day.

In-Room Coffee Maker (Room Features, Review: A+)

All rooms feature a coffee maker, and each room is also stocked with a variety of coffee and teas, including the Eldorado's private-label fresh-ground coffee.

In-Room Safe (Room Features, Review: A)

All rooms at the Eldo feature an in-room safe.

Resort Fees (Room Features, Review: F)

The Eldorado charges a $22.70 resort fee, a $3.00 City Tourism Fee, and $6.89 County Lodging Tax on a $51.00 room. As of March 2018.

Cancellation Policies (Room Features, Review: B)

You must cancel 24 hours in advance to be sure of a full refund.