Peppermill Reno Review

The Peppermill Reno just finished a $400 million dollar expansion, and it shows. Blink, and you might think you're on the Vegas strip. A huge slot floor, high-limit table games, food that stands out, and an excellent hotel with some awesome amenities, fun bars & clubs. The list just keeps going. If you're choosing between two places, stay here.


There's a little bit of everyone at the Peppermill Reno. High Rollers, locals, VIPs, 20-somethings, etc. It has a pretty normal crowd.

Comfort & Safety

The Peppermill Reno recently finished a mega-buck renovation to the tune of around $400 million dollars. It's comfortable. It's nice. It's the best place in Reno where you can blink and think you're on the Vegas Strip.

Peppermill Reno Gaming

The slots, blackjack, table games, and sportsbook at the Peppermill Reno are all possibly the best in Reno.

Slot Machines (Review: B+)

The slots are sprinkled all around the gaming Peppermill's main area. They have mostly modern machines, all TITO (ticket-in, ticket-out). There are a significant number of video poker machines, with most Jacks-or-Better payouts at 9-6 for $0.25 bets or more, but dropping to as low as 8-5 for $0.05. Many machines are the cartoon multi-reel (such as Frog Prince, LobsterMania, Hexbreaker). There were no IGT progressives, such as Wheel-of-Fortune, or Megabucks. The chairs are comfy, and the cocktail service is very friendly and fast.

Table Games (Review: B)

The main table games area is located in the low-ceiling area in the central casino. Peak times can get crowded, but there's always a game to be had. Even on a busy Friday night, there were several $5 Blackjack tables with available seats. There are many Blackjack tables, several Craps tables, as well as Roulette, 3-card and 4-card Poker, Pai Gow, Let it Ride, and others. Blackjack rules are fairly normal, including 3:2 payout, split any pair, dealer hits on soft 17. There are different subtle rules for single-deck, double-deck, and shoe-based games.

Player's Club (Review: B-)

The "Peppermill Passport Club" is a tiered club program, where you get more services as you gain points. The main club desk is located in the middle of the gaming floor, you can't miss it. There are a signficant number of self-service kiosks, so you can often get what you need without having to wait in line. We have not received enticing direct mail offers through our Player's Club account, which has been disappointing.

Poker Room (Review: A-)

The Poker Room at the Peppermill is one of the largest in the region, and appears to have at least 20 tables running. The area is very comfortable, and the chairs and tables are top-notch. There are always several games running, as well as a tournament schedule. They have options to entice the beginner as well as challenge the serious player.

Sportsbook (Review: A)

The Peppermill sportsbook is the best in the region. They'll take half-points, have good lines, good parlay/teaser cards, and the ticket writers are very fast. We've even seen eight ticket writers on a Sunday morning. There's lots of big TVs, and the chairs are comfortable. However, there are two big posts that can block the view depending on where you're sitting and what TV you want to watch. Peppermill sets their own lines.

Keno (Review: B)

The Peppermill runs two concurrent Keno games, called "Red" and "Blue". The Keno desk is located in the main casino area near the Coffee Shop restaurant. There are 21 individual seats arranged in two rows, looking up at the two Keno boards, as well as a few additional TVs. Keno is a game that can be played in most any restaurants and around the Keno floor.

Peppermill Reno Dining

The Peppermill Reno takes pride in their food--and it shows. Their 10 restaurants have something for everyone, from elegant fine dining to a quick deli sandwich near the sportsbook. No matter what you're in the mood for, there is a restaurant here for you.

Romanza (Fine Dining, $$$$, A)

Romanza is the Peppermill's fine dining Italian restaurant. A largely Northern-Italian inspired menu has lots of meat and fish choices, mostly served around various pastas. The classy environment and attentive service come together to deliver one of the area's best meals. If you haven't been to Romanza and the menu looks tempting to you, try it out-we bet you'll enjoy your meal.

Chi (Fine Dining, $$$, B)

Good food, great service, and a nice environment. Nothing was wrong, but ultimately it felt like a lot to pay for Chinese food.

Bimini Steakhouse (Fine Dining, $$$$, B)

One of the better options for a steakhouse in Reno. Good food, good service, and interesting atmosphere. Worth the trip.

Coffee Shop (Casual Dining, $$, A)

The Peppermill is known for good food, and the coffee shop is one of their best. A coffee shop should have lots of choices at all hours of the day, inexpensive reasonable prices, and a good atmosphere. The Coffee Shop fires on all cylinders and delivers a great experience.

Biscotti's (Casual Dining, $$$, B-)

Fun area, tempting menu. But, ultimately, a little pricey for what turned out to be food that was prettier than it tasted.

Saucy's Smokehouse (Casual Dining, $$, C+)

Saucy's is hard to accurately review. The BBQ was enjoyable, but at the same time it felt like fast-food at sit-down prices. We'll probably go back, but its hard to define with so many good choices around. If you want BBQ, there's few choices and this will take care of the craving.

Oceano (Casual Dining, $$$$, No Grade)

Island Buffet (Buffets, $$, B)

A wide variety of good food and reasonable prices make for a fine buffet. Just ignore the silly thunder and lightening thing and enjoy the meal.

Sports Deli (Snacks, $$, C+)

Its a good place for a deli sandwich, but don't expect anything in the way of atmosphere. If you want a sandwich on the go, this would work.

Cafe Espresso (Snacks, $, No Grade)

Peppermill Reno Hotel

There isn't a bad room in the Peppermill Reno. The hotel staff knows more than a few things about service, and you'll be comfortable in your stay here.

Pool (Amenities, Review: A)

The Peppermill's expansion includes several large outdoor pools of various shapes, including an upper-deck pool. This is a great place to hang out and see or be seen. However, since the pools are outside they're closed during the Winter months.

Spa and Salon (Amenities, Review: A)

The Spa Toscana at the Peppermill was recently and thoroughly renovated as part of their expansion. The facility is impressive and has a wide variety of services. Unfortunately, the prices are also relatively high--a 50 minute massage can cost $110. However, if you're looking for an excellent spa experience, consider Spa Toscana.

Arcade, Fun Center, Activities (Amenities, Review: A)

The Arcade Xtreme at the Peppermill is located on the walkway between the main casino and the parking garage. They have a wide variety of new games, and also can host parties and other things. Definitely check them out if your teenager (or, uh, you) has the need to blast some things! We'll admit to a few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution...

Fitness Center (Amenities, Review: A)

The large fitness center at the Peppermill boasts a variety of cardio equipment, resistence equipment, free weights, and a small aerobic room. The Fitness Center is available free of charge to hotel guests.

RV Parking (Amenities, Review: B)

RV parking is available on ground lots for hotel guests only. Consider calling Valet prior to your arrival.

Wedding Chapel (Amenities, Review: A+)

The Peppermill has a dedicated wedding chapel, as well as several other venues for the service ranging from small and cozy to their largest ballroom. They also have a variety of other wedding services including catering, wedding planning, photography, flowers, etc. The hotel can accommodate large wedding parties, bridal suites, and unique photography.

Business Center (Amenities, Review: B)

The business center at the Peppermill is open 24 hours per day, and is available only to hotel guests.

Meetings and Conferences (Amenities, Review: A)

The Peppermill has a wide variety of ballrooms, conference rooms, breakout rooms, and suites to accommodate any size meeting. Their ancillary services such as catering, hotel, a/v, and an informed staff are also excellent.

Gift Shop (Amenities, Review: B)

The Peppermill Gift Shop has a variety of logo wear, toiletries, and small items you'd expect to find in a gift shop!

Retail Shopping (Amenities, Review: A)

A clothing store called La Boutique is at the Peppermill, and has a variety of high-end clothing, golf wear, accessories, and other things you might have forgotten at home or want to give as a gift.

Cabaret (Amenities, Review: B)

The Cabaret at the Peppermill is located right on the main casino floor near the table games. There's entertainment virtually every night.

Airport Shuttle (Services, Review: A)

The Peppermill shuttle runs every 30 minutes from 4am to 11:30pm every day.

Concierge/Bell Desk (Services, Review: B-)

The concierge desk at the Peppermill can assist with local adventures, reservations, or putting you in contact with things you want to be in contact with.

On-Property Car Rental (Services, Review: B+)

Hertz has pick-up and return from 8am to 5pm every day.

Gift Cards Available (Services, Review: B)

Peppermill Gift Cards can be used for anything but casino gaming.

Room Service (Services, Review: A)

The Peppermill's Room Service menu is available 24 hours a day, and is one of the longest and deepest room service menu's we've seen. Perfect for when you just don't want to walk downstairs...

Front Desk (Services, Review: B)

The large front-desk at the Peppermill has always been quick for us, and the staff has been friendly.

Upgraded Rooms (Room Descriptions, Review: A-)

The Peppermill has two upgraded rooms, the "Deluxe" room, which has been recently remodelled, and the "Tower" room. They are in the process of upgrading the "Tower" rooms. However, we've seen them, and they're as good as any other "upgraded room" in Reno!

Suites (Room Descriptions, Review: A)

The new Tuscany Tower at the Peppermill is an all-suite hotel. They have a variety of suites ranging from 550 sf to 2200sf. There are also some suites in the original tower, too.

Penthouse Suites (Room Descriptions, Review: A-)

There are a few penthouse suites at the Peppermill. These are available only to VIP casino players.

Internet Service (Room Features, Review: A)

There are wired ethernet jacks in the hotel rooms, and wireless internet available all throughout the property. I just called their Reservations desk, and was told that Internet access was free for Hotel Guests. I have my doubts, but if this is true that's great!

Late Checkout (Room Features, Review: B)

Late Checkout can be requested, but cannot be guaranteed.

Resort Fees (Room Features, Review: F)

On a $72.00 room, there is $9.36 of estimated taxes, a $25.00 Resort Fee, $3.25 Resort Fee Tax, and a $2.00 Tourism Surcharge bringing the estimated total to $111.61. As of March 2018.

Cancellation Policies (Room Features, Review: B)

Your reservation must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid any cancellation charges. This changes to 72 hours in advance for holidays or special events.