Siena Reno Review

On October 21, 2010, the Sienna completely closed. On July 22, 2010, the Siena filed for Bankruptcy protection. The Siena went through a major renovation several years ago, and just can't seem to find its groove. Now it is a Marriott Renaissance.


The mix of folks seems to change every time we're in there. It's different people in the middle of the night than it is during the day, etc. Hard to pin down.

Comfort & Safety

Not too long ago the Siena spent a bunch of money on upgrading, and it resulted in a dark, gothic style interior with really high ceilings. It's clean, and interesting to walk through. Outside gets a little sketchy late at night.

Siena Reno Gaming

Slots and tables are CLOSED as of October 2010 with no plans to reopen. The Siena's gaming floor is new, with very high ceilings over most of it. The Table Games section is being reworked to become a "pleasure pit" with scantily-clad women dealing cards.

Slot Machines (Review: No Grade)

The slot floor at the Siena is CLOSED as of October 2010 with no plans to reopen.

Table Games (Review: No Grade)

Apparently that didn't work too well. As for June 2010, the Siena has closed all table games. In August 2009, the Sienna announced they were converting all their table games to a "Pleasure Pit" style and adding a nightclub to the area. They are reducing their total tables from 10 to 6. A "Pleasure Pit" involves scantily-clad female dealers, well, dealing and occasionally taking a break from dealing to dance on the tables. We'll followup with more detail when this project is completed.

Sportsbook (Review: C-)

There is a small Cal Neva run sportsbook at the Siena. Because the book is run by the Cal Neva, it is still operating while the tables and slots at the Siena are closed.

Siena Reno Dining

There are a few choices for elegant fine dining here, along with a unique wine bar.

Lexie's on the River (Fine Dining, $$$$, B+)

Lexie's offers an elegant dining room, and delivers on their promise of intimacy, elegance, and excellent food. The bill will get pricey by time you're done, but enjoy the views of the Truckee River and savor the food and wine.

Contrada Cafe (Casual Dining, $$, No Grade)

Enoteca (Bars, Lounges, and Clubs, $$, No Grade)

Enotica is a high-end wine bar, with a classy appetizer & snack menu. Its not really a Bar, but its not really a Restaurant, either. If you think "wine first, then food, maybe", you're on the right track.

Siena Reno Hotel

The remodeled Siena rooms are very comfortable, ranging from smaller single-bed rooms to some of the nicer suites in Reno.

Pool (Amenities, Review: C+)

There is a small pool and deck located at the Siena.

Spa and Salon (Amenities, Review: B+)

The Siena Spa has a wide range of services, including massage, wraps, body polish, facials, waxing and mani/pedis. There is also a jacuzzi, fitness center, and pool there. Look for their specials and packages.

Fitness Center (Amenities, Review: C+)

There is a small fitness center located at the Siena, sharing space with the Spa.

RV Parking (Amenities, Review: C)

There is a small open lot just South of the Siena. There are no hookups or facilities, but a smaller RV could fit in here if it needed to.

Wedding Chapel (Amenities, Review: C+)

There is no dedicated wedding chapel, but the catering department can arrange the ceremony and reception at any of the Siena facilities.

Business Center (Amenities, Review: C)

There is a business center in the Siena, but we haven't been in it to check it out. Expect the standard things.

Meetings and Conferences (Amenities, Review: C+)

The Sienna has 11,000 square feet of meeting space, which can accommodate groups up to 500 people. Its not one of the larger facilities, but if it fits your group size it can be cozier.

Concierge/Bell Desk (Services, Review: C)

The Bell Desk can handle basic hotel bell desk functions.

Front Desk (Services, Review: B)

The front desk and reception area at the Sienna is small, but elegant.

Upgraded Rooms (Room Descriptions, Review: B+)

Since the Siena was completely remodeled in the last several years, the rooms are newer and nicer. The Upgraded rooms are called "Standard Queen", "Deluxe Queen", and "Deluxe King".

Suites (Room Descriptions, Review: B+)

There are three suite types at the Sienna, the "Hotel Suite", "Deluxe Suite" and "Tower Suite". These suites are quite nice and comfortable.

Penthouse Suites (Room Descriptions, Review: B)

The Penthouse Suites at the Siena are 1050 square feet, making them one of the smaller Penthouse Suites in Reno. That being said, they are new and comfortable from what we hear.

Internet Service (Room Features, Review: A)

All hotel guests receive complimentary wired or wireless internet access.

In-Room Refridgerator (Room Features, Review: A)

All rooms a the Siena have a refridgerator.

In-Room Coffee Maker (Room Features, Review: A)

All rooms at the Siena have a coffee-maker.

In-Room Safe (Room Features, Review: A)

All rooms at the Siena feature an in-room safe.

Cancellation Policies (Room Features, Review: B-)

You need to call the Siena 2 days before your arrival on noon that day for a no-fee cancellation.