Tamarack Reno Review

Tamarack Junction is a newer local's casino. It was built when South Reno was growing like a weed, and is still there now that the economy has tanked. owever, if they keep up the friendly service and good food, they'll earn a solid local following. Be sure to try the tortilla soup at Sully's!


The Tamarack draws a mix of a crowd, mostly from South Reno. The crowd is a bit older than average, but usually pretty tame and quiet. It's a quick place to get a Cal-Neva sports bet in for the suburbanites down there.

Comfort & Safety

The entire property is relatively new, and has a nice, new, shiny feel to it. It is in an incredibly safe part of town, in spite of being located next to a trailer park. No, really. Actually, make that an abandoned trailer park!

Tamarack Reno Gaming

The slot floor is new and nice, but what you see is what you get, it isn't terribly large.

Slot Machines (Review: B-)

The Tamarack is a relatively new building, and as a result, the entire slot floor is also new. There are plenty of newer machines. They didn't cram the machines too tightly together, which means there's plenty of room to walk around and not bump into people. Video Poker odds for Jacks-or-Better were 9-6 on a $0.25 bet, but dropped to a don't-bother-playing 8-5 on $0.05.

Sportsbook (Review: C)

The Sportsbook at the Tamarack is run by CalNeva, so you'll find good lines here. There's plenty of TVs with all the lines on them, but the only place to sit and watch a game is across the way in Sully's Sports Bar. If you just need to run in and make a quick bet, drive around back and use a rear entrance and you'll be right next to the book. It'll make sense the second time you're there.

Keno (Review: B-)

The Tamarack website says they have a Keno game running, but admittedly we must have missed it. Oh well, its just Keno.

Tamarack Reno Dining

We were pleasantly surprised by Sully's at the Tamarack, so don't be shy about going out of your way to try the food here!

Sully's Sports Bar (Casual Dining, $, B+)

Sully's Sports Bar has plenty of TVs, a decent menu, tasty food, and free wireless. It was a good combo that will draw us back again.

The Dining Car (Casual Dining, $$, B)

The Dining Car is Tamarack's 24-hour coffee shop. The menu changes with time of day, so not all food items are available all the time. Keep an eye on the specials for tasty food at a good value.

Whistlestop Deli (Snacks, $, C+)

A small deli counter with tempting desserts. Fine when you're on the run, but there's nowhere to really eat what you ordered.