2nd Street Express

Casino:Grand Sierra Reno
Cost:$, Very Inexpensive. Most entrees under $8.
Menu:Sandwiches, small variety, on-the-go
Last Visit:December, 2009


The 2nd Street Express is a small deli and grill located on the main floor. It's fine for a quick sandwich on the go, but don't expect more than fast-food service or presentation (i.e. none!). But, the sandwich was fast and good. Summary Review: B-


Our Chicken Panani sandwich was hot, fresh, and tasty, yet served on a french roll rather than the traditional sliced bread you expect with a panini, which was also pictured on the menu. It was served with absolutely zero presentation, and no attempt to try, in a small styrofoam box. That being said, it was fine. It would have been tasty with fries, but that wasn't an available option. It came with chips and a drink, but we recommend you avoid the veggie-chips, they weren't very good. There are quite a lot of options on the menu, ranging from hot dogs, soup, pizza, salad and fresh sandwiches, so there's something for everyone. Food Review: B-


There's virtually no atmosphere at the 2nd Street Express, it's entirely "what you see is what you get". You order standing in front of the counter, and in a few minutes your sandwich is ready for pick up. The Grand Sierra Reno recently removed several of the tables and expanded the counter area, so either get your standwich to-go, or walk next door to the ample seating at the Starbucks. Atmosphere Review: C+


There's not much service to be had at a virtually fast-food experience. The person taking our order was friendly, and our sandwich appeared quickly. Be aware that the drinks aren't "all you can drink", since the soda fountain is behind the counter. Service Review: B-


It's better than fast-food, as in more options and healthier for you, but just as fast, so that's its competition. Our sandwich wasn't very expensive, and still quite tasty. So if you need something pronto on the go, give it a look. Obviously it's not worth going to the Grand Sierra JUST to stop here, but a good choice if you're there and need something quick. Value Review: B