Bimini Steakhouse

Casino:Peppermill Reno
Type:Fine Dining
Cost:$$$$, Pricey. Many entrees over $25.
Menu:Steaks, Seafood.
Last Visit:December, 2009


One of the better options for a steakhouse in Reno. Good food, good service, and interesting atmosphere. Worth the trip. Summary Review: B


The food is solid. Appetizers are generally good. The steak is more consistent than the seafood, but both are worth trying. The meat is not overly treated and the accompanying sauces do not overwhelm. Sides are good but can be a little rich which hides the natural flavors. An extensive wine list tailors to every meal and taste. Desserts will appropriately satisfy the sweet tooth. Food Review: B


Bimini's atmosphere is unusual for a steakhouse. It has an underwater theme which stresses the seafood aspect of the menu. A tasteful aquarium video screen dominates the room. Modern décor mixes with toned-down Peppermill color blasts. Although the combination of class and glitz doesn't quite gel, it's an interesting mix that entertains more than it distracts. Atmosphere Review: B+


The service is professional but unexceptional. Service Review: B


With most entrees between $30-$40, meals cost about what you'd expect an average upscale steakhouse to cost. Wines and other beverages are priced appropriately. Soups and salads are priced in the normal $8-$9 range. Only the appetizers seem a little high at a consistent $14. Value Review: B-