Branding Iron Cafe

Casino:Bonanza Reno
Type:Casual Dining
Cost:$, Very Inexpensive. Most entrees under $8.
Menu:24-hours, breakfast, buffet, burgers, pizza, American, Mexican
Last Visit:July, 2010


24-hour Value is the goal at the Branding Iron Cafe, and they hit a home-run on that. You're sure to find something you like on the extensive menu, with prices all very reasonable. Buffets are also served here on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday Brunch. Summary Review: B+


The food was served hot, and was fine. Breakfast is served 24 hours. The food is fine, but don't expect high-end cuisine, value is the goal here. It was certainly edible and on-par with many chain restaurants. Our thick chocolate milkshake was as good as anything we've had. Food Review: B-


The large seating area was separated into several small sections, giving it both an open feeling that doesn't feel cafeteria-like. The tall vaulted ceiling also made for a large feel. There was a variety of both tables with wood chairs, and booths with padded seating. In keeping with the Southwestern theme, the colors were browns and tans, with a refreshing lack of neon. All areas were clean and well-lit. There was no wireless internet at the cafe. Atmosphere Review: B-


After only a few moments, we were seated by the hostess who immediately took our drink order. Our food arrived quite fast after our order, perhaps due to the it not being very crowded. We were politely asked how things were twice during our meal, and got a refresh of our drinks without needing to ask. Service Review: B


The real winner here is the value of the specials and the overall inexpensive prices on the menu. For the $4 spaghetti dinner special on Wednesday, $4 chicken dinner special on Monday, and other specials the value can't be beat. Even our meals that weren't the special were very reasonably priced. I did chuckle that my $4.95 milkshake was one of the more expensive items on the menu. The Value Menu of $4 and $6 plates has a variety. The $4 glasses of wine are a nice touch when many places charge much more. Value Review: A+