Cabana Cafe

Casino:Sands Reno
Cost:$, Very Inexpensive. Most entrees under $8.
Menu:Sandwiches, subs, pizza, desserts
Direct Link:Cabana Cafe Information
Last Visit:November, 2009


The Cabana Cafe is a little place that's a great value for a hot dog, a sub, and a quick place to sit down and eat. Summary Review: B-


We had a small sub and a hot dog while we were there, and both were fine. Food Review: B-


The Cabana Cafe is in a small area off the main casino floor. There are maybe a dozen tables, some regular height, some bar-height. The menu is hanging up on the wall and you order at the counter in the back of the area. It was clean and nice, but not fancy. Atmosphere Review: B-


It's just counter service, but the people helping us were friendly. Drinks are $0.50 for a refill. Service Review: C+


The subs & sandwiches were a great value--including foot-longs and TWO-FOOT-LONGS! Their $2.50 hot-dog-and-soda deal is approaching Costco prices. We like basic food and dirt-cheap prices, and the Cabana delivers on just that. The pizza looked more expensive than it should have been, so stick with the subs. Value Review: B+