Cactus Creek Steakhouse

Casino:Bonanza Reno
Type:Fine Dining
Cost:$$$$, Pricey. Many entrees over $25.
Menu:Steakhouse, seafood, appetizers
Last Visit:July, 2010


The Cactus Creek Steakhouse at the Bonanza Casino is a good steakhouse with fun decor and good service. They serve a tasty meal in a casual steakhouse experience. If you want a very good steak but don't want to dress up for the occasion, this may be the place for you. Summary Review: B


The meal began with very good warm Dutch crunch rolls and butter. The wine list was thorough and the prices were exceptionally reasonable. The only wine offered at a per glass cost was a house wine at $8, so we opted to order a bottle of Merlot for $29. The appetizers were all seafood, and we were oddly not asked if we wished to order one. The $26 6 ounce petite filet ordered medium-well was cooked to perfection, and although it was very tender, it lacked a bit of taste. A large variety of sauces was offered and I opted for the Bearnaise which was good, although very thick. We also ordered $28 lamb chops, medium-rare, also cooked to perfection. Both meals came with soup or salad and one side. The soup of the night was tomato soup, so we ordered the salad instead, which was a bit too over-dressed with onions and jicama for our taste. We ordered the Tahitian crème brulee for dessert which was very good. Food Review: B


The inside of Cactus Creek is clean and understated, done in a funky Southwestern style. It's the complete opposite of a "traditional" steakhouse, often a dark room with red leather chairs. The restaurant itself was pleasant and clean. The tables were placed far enough from each other as to not feel too close to other customers. However, you must enter through the casino to get to the restaurant, and the Bonanza is dimly lit and often smokey. Sometimes we smelled a hint of smoke from the casino floor. There were a few other diners dressed quite casually in shorts, and some other customers seemed to know the staff quite well. It had the feel of a long-time local's restaurant. Atmosphere Review: B-


We were greeted by a hostess who confirmed our reservation and quickly guided us to our table. Our waiter knew the menu, and offered a few recommendations that we enjoyed as well. The staff was attentive without being overbearing. However many of the other diners seemed to be regulars and seemed to receive quicker service than us. Service Review: B-


Two entrees, with sides, a bottle of wine, dessert, and tip came to around $110. The entrees were reasonably priced considering they included two sides, as many high-end steakhouses do not include any sides in the entree price. The desserts were reasonably priced also at only $6.00 for our creme brulee. Cactus Creek pushes the fact that they have very low prices on wine, and we saw the price of wine per bottle reflected this. Kendall-Jackson Merlot was $21.00 and Sterling 2006 Merlot was $28.00. Overall, it was a very good value compared to other traditional steakhouses. Value Review: B+