Cafe Sedona

Casino:Silver Legacy Reno
Type:Casual Dining
Cost:$$, Inexpensive. Most entrees under $15.
Menu:Coffee Shop. Sandwiches, burgers, grill, breakfast, asian,
Last Visit:September, 2009


The best thing about Cafe Sedona is the view of all the people walking around. Outside of that, its a basic coffee shop. Summary Review: C+


Its what you'd expect from a kitchen that runs 24 hours and has a huge number of different dishes. Tasty, but not outstanding. We wouldn't avoid it, but there are lots of great choices around, too. Food Review: C+


Cafe Sedona is located right on the main walkway in the Legacy. If you get an end booth or table, its great to just watch all the people wander by. That's the best part about it. The seating is a little crowded, the chairs and tables are a little worn and out of style. Its basic, but its a coffee shop, and its supposed to be basic. Atmosphere Review: B-


The staff was quite friendly, but also overworked due to the Buffet being closed that day. The kitchen also seemed busy as our orders took some time. We're planning to go back and see if this was just due to overcrowding. Everyone was friendly, though, and the orders arrived correctly. Service Review: C+


Its a basic coffee shop, with a wide menu and lots of choices. The food was fine, neither particularly outstanding or poor. The view was fun watching folks, but the area was basic. The prices on the menu range from reasonable to more than they should be. We've had a hard time defining value for this one, so don't put too much weight in our grade. Watch the specials. Value Review: B-