Casino Grill Diner

Casino:Cal Neva Reno
Type:Casual Dining
Cost:$, Very Inexpensive. Most entrees under $8.
Menu:Bugers, Fries, Shakes.
Direct Link:Casino Grill Diner Information
Last Visit:September, 2009


The Casino Grill is a quick diner-style grill sitting in the bottom floor of the Cal Neva. Its a bit unique in that its so functionally basic. There's no table seating or table service. Heck, there's no tables! Summary Review: C


Its a quick grill on the casino floor. The menu is simple as it should be, and food is cooked whatever way its going to be cooked--usually well done! There's nothing wrong with it. Just quick grill food. Food Review: C


We're not sure if we should score this high or low. Its just a counter with a few stools in front of a grill in the middle of the casino floor. Its definitely unique, but, well, its just a counter in front of a grill. Nevermind, we're going with Low. Atmosphere Review: D+


There's not much service that can mess up when you're less than 10 feet from where you're food is being grilled, and the guy taking your order is also grilling it and standing in front of you. This is either good or bad. Service Review: C-


The items on the menu ARE inexpensive, so you know you're getting a quick bite going in. Actually, you're not even "going in" anywhere. But, edible food at a cheap price always has a soft spot with us. Don't forget to tip the guy grilling your food! Value Review: B-