Charlie Palmer Steak

Casino:Grand Sierra Reno
Type:Fine Dining
Cost:$$$$, Pricey. Many entrees over $25.
Menu:Steak, Seafood
Last Visit:September, 2009


Going to a high-end steakhouse with the Charlie Palmer name comes with high expectations. Unfortunately, our experience didn't live up to this expectation. We've been to other Charlie Palmer restaurants and have thought them to be exceptional. Summary Review: B-


The meal was good, but not the best steak we've ever had. The typical steakhouse meal of sides was available and was also good. Portions of the sides (and the meat) were large enough to share. It was a decent, if not memorable. Food Review: B-


The restaurant was modern, crisp, and clean without being overly elegant, or the traditional red-leather-chairs and cherry-wood decor. It is a modern steakhouse without frills. Atmosphere Review: B


The staff was friendly, however on our visit this might have been our waiter's first restaurant job. This might be acceptable in a casual dining environment, but at a high-end steakhouse we expected more. That being said, our orders arrived correctly. Service Review: B-


Charlie Palmer's is priced at the high-end of the range, and steakhouses are expensive among them. Unfortunately, the meal didn't follow through with the price of the experience. Value Review: C+