Chef's Buffet

Casino:Eldorado Reno
Cost:$$, Inexpensive. Most entrees under $15.
Menu:American, Italian, Chinese, wide variety.
Last Visit:September, 2009


Great ambiance, good food, and decent variety make for a nice buffet. Just be careful on weekends as the price can add up quickly. Summary Review: B


The food was tasty, and didn't feel like it came from a large-volume commercial kitchen, as many buffets do. Our non-seafood-eater noted that during seafood night there seemed to be limited selections of regular food. Duly noted. We especially enjoyed the desserts, as well as the freshness of the carvings. Food Review: B+


This was a very comfortable buffet. The seating environment was probably the best in town. Tables were well spaced-out, there was lots of things to make it feel like you weren't eating in a cafeteria. The food serving area was very nice, and integrated into the area well. Atmosphere Review: A-


Although its a buffet, service is still important for your fresh drinks, the carving stations, and the people behind the buffet. The service here was fine, but not memorable. Service Review: B


The prices vary widely from a reasonable lunch price of $11, to a getting-pretty-expensive friday/saturday dinner price of $21. Although the weekend dinners include seafood, its still expensive for a buffet. The food is good, the atmosphere is very nice, but buffets still aren't supposed to be that expensive. Value Review: C+