Casino:Peppermill Reno
Type:Fine Dining
Cost:$$$, Moderate. Most entrees under $25.
Last Visit:January, 2011


Good food, great service, and a nice environment. Nothing was wrong, but ultimately it felt like a lot to pay for Chinese food. Summary Review: B


The appetizer platter was delivered quickly and hot, but it wasn't outstanding. The entrees were also fine - neither outstanding nor horrible, and the portion size was quite generous. The dessert was green tea gelato, which likely would have been fine if we liked green tea, but sadly we don't. Overall, it was good Chinese food. It wasn't great or trendy, but it wasn't bad. Food Review: B


Chi is situated directly off the main gaming floor. Once you step through the entrance, you no longer hear the noise of the casino, and are in a spacious, well-done, thoroughly Asian-themed restaurant. Our booth was quite large, and all the tables and booths were well spaced so that each party was comfortably away from the next. Atmosphere Review: A-


The service was prompt and courteous throughout the whole evening. We were seated quickly, our table was already prepped and water was delivered immediately. Our server was knowledgeable, if a little hard to understand, gave some recommendations, and took our order. The food was brought out in a reasonable amount of time, and everything else was well attended. They're doing it right. The meal finished with piping-hot scented towels, which is always a nice touch. Service Review: A


Value is hard to gauge. Ultimately, we had pretty good Chinese food in an excellent atmosphere, but paid a significant amount of money for the meal, even with taking advantage of their $24 per person dinner special. We couldn't quite put our finger on it, but we know we didn't get a great value here. Value Review: C+