Fairchild's Oyster Bar

Casino:Silver Legacy Reno
Type:Casual Dining
Cost:$$, Inexpensive. Most entrees under $15.
Last Visit:July, 2010


Fairchild's Oyster Bar has a great seating area, and a small menu of seafood-oriented dishes. However, the meal didn't quite live up to our expectations. It was still good, but we were hoping for something a bit more impressive. Summary Review: B


The variety of breadsticks were fresh and tasty. The entree was a Shrimp and Crab Pan Roast at $16.50. It was delivered in a large bowl, hot enough to enjoy but not so hot that it would burn your mouth or you'd have to wait for it to cool down. There was a generous amount of shrimp and crab in the bowl, and thankfully the shrimp were de-tailed. The was enjoyable, but perhaps not outstanding or memorable. I would probably try the Jambalaya next, or one of the other menu items. Again, it was good, but not outstanding. As a note to groups, there are no items on the menu for non-seafood-eaters. Food Review: B


Fairchild's is located on the walkway between the main area and the elevators and small shop area. The tables are in a fenced-off area, giving it a true bistro feeling. Much like the coffee shop, its great to sit and watch people. The tables and chairs were quite classy and comfortable, and there was a few seats up at the bar. Although open and tiled, background noise wasn't a problem. You can see the whole area when you walk by, so there are no surprises! Atmosphere Review: A


We were promptly seated, given a menu, a nice basket of bread, and a glass of water. Our waitress arrived shortly, and after a short discussion she guided us to the house specialty, the pan roasts. Our meal arrived in an appropriate amount of time, and shortly after that, we were asked how everything was. On the minor downside, our glass of water got empty, our breadbasket was also empty, and it took a long time to get our plate cleared and our check delivered after we were obviously done eating. The restaurant wasn't crowded, but our server was handling several tables. Basically, this was good, but not great service. Service Review: B


Although Fairchild's is listed as "Inexpensive", it is definitely at the high-end of that price range. Seafood is more expensive, but also the meal itself wasn't a home-run. The best aspect was the cute seating area where you could watch folks. Value Review: B-