Flavors! The Buffet

Casino:Silver Legacy Reno
Cost:$$, Inexpensive. Most entrees under $15.
Menu:Carving, Mexican, Italian, Asian, Seafood, American, Salad, Dessert
Last Visit:November, 2009


A surprisingly nice buffet that doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should. If they could bump the food quality up a tad without raising prices, it would be in the running for a top choice buffet in the area. Summary Review: B


As buffets go, Flavors had all the standard fare you would expect - salad, American, Italian, Mexican, Asian, a carving station, and desserts galore to name a few. Some items were better than others, but overall the freshness of the food was good, especially considering we were there after the standard lunch hour and they were getting ready to switch out to the dinner selection. One interesting item was the abundance of fresh roasted garlic. Not sure I've seen that in any other buffet, and for garlic lovers such as myself, it was a welcome addition. Overall, the food was fine though. Nothing was a huge standout, but nothing was a huge disappointment either. Food Review: B-


The buffet sits right next to the upstairs casino area, and was open-air style, so we felt like we were part of both the restaurant and the casino. The tables were nice separated and not too crowded, and the overall presentation was very clean. No glaring lights or loud tropical noises disturbed our dining either, like in other buffets in the area. Atmosphere Review: B


The staff was friendly and attentive to what we needed. Our drinks were refilled and our used plates cleared, which is really all you expect from a buffet. Service Review: B


At $10 for lunch, Flavors is a good value compared to other buffets, and a good value for the large selection of food available. Value Review: B+