Round Table Pizza

Casino:Grand Sierra Reno
Type:Casual Dining
Cost:$, Very Inexpensive. Most entrees under $8.
Last Visit:September, 2009


Chain Pizza. Don't expect much, and they'll deliver. Oddly enough, we've been there more than once. Summary Review: C


The pizza is a little greasy, the salad bar is a little small. But, its a pizza buffet, did you expect anything different? The pizza here is better than what's in the Lodge Buffet, but if you're a pizza connoisseur, there's better choices than chain pizza. Food Review: C


Its a Round Table. Its fine. Nothing fancy. Nothing awful. In the GSR, its way way way way way back in the complex. Down the escalator. Down the hall. Take a left. Down the hall further. Further. You'll get there eventually. Atmosphere Review: C-


I've only been in for the lunch pizza buffet, and the service has been fine. When you're at a pizza buffet, all that really matters is that the pizza is refreshed relatively frequently with good choices. And the place is clean & friendly. We've all been to pizza buffets where there's a hoard of big guys waiting for the next pie, and RT doesn't have that problem. Service Review: C


Its a fine value. Especially when you want a pizza buffet. Value Review: C+