Harrah's Steakhouse

Casino:Harrah's Reno
Type:Fine Dining
Cost:$$$$, Pricey. Many entrees over $25.
Menu:Steak and Seafood
Last Visit:January, 2010


Harrah's Steakhouse in Reno succeeds in delivering a great steakhouse experience: amazing meat, traditional decor, and top-notch service. We have been to many of the nation's finest steakhouses, and have no reservations about saying this experience ranks right up there among the best. Summary Review: A+


Our meal started with an assorted bread basket, including excellent Dutch Crunch rolls, and a complimentary beef crostini appetizer. Two house reds (an excellent Pinot Noir and a fine Syrah) were also quickly delivered. An appetizer of Steakhouse Ravioli started the evening, but wasn't that impressive. Next time we would try another beginning, or perhaps a soup or salad. Since it's a steakhouse, we ordered steak. The 8 oz. Filet Mignon was cooked perfectly to "medium well", a huge positive for us since many ordered this way are often slightly over-done or slightly under-done. A crisp exterior held the meat's natural juices, and the filet truly melted in the mouth. The second entree was Steak Diane, in which slices of beef tenderloin are prepared tableside in leaping flames. A fun show and a good dish, but the filet was the clear winner. Both dishes were garnished with two small potatoes, a zucchini slice, some sliced beets, and unique green mashed potatoes. We finished with tiramisu, which was served jointely as a slice and in a molded chocolate cup. While it was a very good dessert, it wasn't the classic Italian tiramisu we expected. Truffles served over dry ice were also delivered to our table. Food Review: A


Harrah's Steak House is located in the lower level of the casino, with a small (and for us, not obvious) staircase leading downstairs to the entrance. In the tradition of steakhouses, the dining room was dimly lit, with cherrywood walls and trim, and large red-leather chairs and deep booths. The tables could have been spaced a smidgen further apart, but we never felt crowded or too close to our neighbors. During the course of our meal, the seating area and small lounge filled up with guests. Our table was neither too large, nor too small, and a clean, crisp linen tablecloth and napkin were waiting for us. Harrah's looks every bit the traditional Steak House experience. Atmosphere Review: A+


We were greeted by a polite gentleman who confirmed our reservation, and immediately led us to our table. The staff was friendly, professional, and just the right amount of interaction. A special thanks goes to Bong, James Bong, who helped execute our dining experience in a great way (including preparing our Steak Diane tableside with leaping flames!) The secondary staff did an excellent job of keeping our table served and prepared. Our Steak Diane did need to take a momentary break in the preparation as it was waiting for the second entree to catch up on cooking in the kitchen. These men deserve credit for their experience in running a steakhouse. Service Review: A+


Two glasses of house wine, an appetizer, two steak entrees, dessert, and 20% tip came to a total of $145. Although the entrees were pricey at $33 and $39, they did include small sides that are often extras at other top-line steakhouses. The wine glasses were $9 and $12, and a topic of table discussion was whether or not the pour was "full" or "generous". However, value is different than cost, and we had an excellent experience here. The combination of excellent atmosphere, the superb filet, and experienced service shows that you can still have a good value even as the bill adds up. Value Review: A