Casino:Harrah's Reno
Type:Fine Dining
Cost:$$$, Moderate. Most entrees under $25.
Menu:Japanese teppanyaki, steak, seafood, chicken.
Last Visit:September, 2009


Ichiban is the fun Japanese Teppanyaki experience where the chef makes your food on a hot griddle in the middle of the table. Ichiban is about the experience, not the food. It can be a fun experience, but don't expect elegant food. Summary Review: B


The food is prepared right in front of you, so it's obviously hot when it hits your plate. Be aware that the portion sizes won't be huge, so dig into the appetizers and enjoy a dessert. The focus on Ichiban is the whole experience, not the food on your plate. Food Review: B-


Ichiban is a show and a meal all in one. A chef will join your table, heat up the grill in front of you, and cook the meal with you. Some chefs are more experienced than others and more entertaining. The people you sit with will make up a good part of your experience, too. You have to want this going in, and your enjoyment will vary. Don't expect a quiet, romantic meal. They do well at delivering on the promise of a social dining experience. Atmosphere Review: B


Virtually all of the interaction with staff centers around the chef at table with you. He personally cooks your meal, and chats with you. The first few courses are brought by a wait staff. A fun chef can make this a fun experience! Service Review: B+


The value won't be in the food, the value will be in the teppanyaki experience. If you're coming here just for a plate of food there are other choices. If you want to enjoy flying knives, food prepared at your table, and fun entertainment then that's part of what you're paying for. Value Review: B-