Island Buffet

Casino:Peppermill Reno
Cost:$$, Inexpensive. Most entrees under $15.
Menu:Carvings, Asian, American, Southwest, Desserts
Last Visit:September, 2009


A wide variety of good food and reasonable prices make for a fine buffet. Just ignore the silly thunder and lightening thing and enjoy the meal. Summary Review: B


The buffet at the Peppermill has a wide variety of food, its all fresh and tasty. If you can't find something you like here, its not their fault! Its still a buffet, so the food isn't as amazing as a fine dining restaurant. Food Review: B+


Plush, blue chairs, a tropical theme, and good space. You're not crammed in like sardines, but there isn't any wasted space, either. Every now and then they take the tropical theme too far: they dim the lights, flash some strobes, and play a rainforest theme of rain and thunder. Its a bad knockoff of the Rainforest Cafe that I could gladly do without. Atmosphere Review: C+


Its hard to grade service at a buffet, since all they really do is seat you and keep your drink full. The staff behind the counter have always been friendly, too. Service Review: B


Its a tasty buffet at a reasonable price, so its a fine stop. Its not as overpriced as some other buffets, and the food is as good as any of them. Its a fine place to spend your hard-earned dollar if a buffet is on your "to-do" list. Value Review: B