Kokopelli's Sushi

Casino:Circus Circus Reno
Type:Casual Dining
Cost:$$$, Moderate. Most entrees under $25.
Last Visit:May, 2010


Kokopelli's Sushi delivers a fine $17 all-you-can-eat lunch meal. It's a very standard all-you-can-eat sushi lunch experience compared to other choices in Reno, so dig in and enjoy. Summary Review: B+


We sampled our way through several traditional sushi favorites, including a Dragon Roll, Crystal Shrimp, a Mountain Roll, upside-down Shrimp, a Moyako Roll, Unagi, and a few others. You won't confuse this with any $18-per-bite designer sushi, but it still came out very well. The food was tasty, and the presentation was as fun and artistic as any we've seen locally. Food Review: B+


Kokopelli's Sushi is located along the back wall of Smokin' Gecko's BBQ. Just follow the signs for either or both, and you'll find it. There were approximately 30 bar seats in a long-L configuration around the sushi bar up against the back wall. There were plenty of open seats when we first arrived, but we were quickly asked to scoot down a few sets to accommodate a larger party. Shortly after that, the entire seating area was full. All seating was on soft bar stools with no back support, we were pressed up against a brick wall making the area a little dark, and there wasn't a significant amount of extra space between people. Basically, it's like every other sushi bar I've ever been to. Atmosphere Review: B


We were attended to by both the sushi chef and a waitress. Both were attentive and professional. Bonus points to our chef who quickly gave us two upside-down shrimp as soon as we sat down. Although she was serving several people, we never felt that our orders were slow or that she wasn't paying attention to our needs. Service Review: B+


The 1-hour lunch was $16.95, which is on-par with other value-oriented lunch sushi in the area. We took advantage of their Mon-Tues-Wed special, which included a TsingTao beer with each all-you-can-eat order. Beer is also 1/2 price on Thursday and Friday. Value Review: A-