The Lodge Buffet (REMODELED)

Casino:Grand Sierra Reno
Cost:$$, Inexpensive. Most entrees under $15.
Last Visit:February, 2011


The Lodge Buffet is your stereotypical Casino Buffet--lots of food, good variety, temping desserts, and way more than you can eat. As of February 2011, they have discontinued the $7.77 local's price, and prices now range between $12 and $18 for a meal. The Lodge Buffet was closed and remodeled into The Grand Buffet. Summary Review: B-


As expected in a Buffet, the Lodge has a wide variety of food. They have a Mexican station, Prime Rib & Ham station, a few places of American comfort food (turkey, mashed potatoes, etc), Seafood, International. In the middle is a large salad bar, and one section is pizza and sandwiches. They hardly ever put out a bad dish, and at the same time there isn't anything in there that is really amazing. Don't miss the dessert section! Food Review: B-


There's two large seating areas, one inside the main room, and one outside the main room. It has a Lodge style (get it?) decor, with lodge-pole chairs, a wooden theme, and lodge-style decorations. Although it can sometimes get loud, you usually don't feel like you're sitting on top of the couple next to you. Atmosphere Review: B-


There can often be a long line getting into the buffet, so watch your times and avoid standard busy days (Friday dinner, etc). Once inside, the table staff is friendly and things are clean. Its a buffet, so service isn't a huge component. Service Review: B-


GSR has discontinued the $7.77 Local's price, making this a fine buffet that now costs more than it should. At $7.77 we loved it. At $18 or more, there are much better options for dinner. The food is good (but not awesome), the service is good (but not over-the-top), the atmosphere is fine (but not awe-inspiring). However, for a low price, it was a great value. Value Review: B-