Steakhouse Grill

Casino:Nugget Reno
Type:Fine Dining
Cost:$$$$, Pricey. Many entrees over $25.
Direct Link:Steakhouse Grill Information
Last Visit:September, 2012


Much better than expected! Back when John Ascuaga owned a cattle ranch, you could always rely on the Nugget to have excellent quality meats. Since then, it's been a little hit or miss, or at least the perception has been that it's hit or miss. But we were pleasantly surprised by the overall dining experience. Summary Review: B+


The chefs at the Nugget have been taking it up a notch for a while now, especially when it comes to the variety and uniqueness of their appetizers, as well as the overall presentation. We started with the Pistachio-crusted Brie with Blood Orange Gastric (sauce in layman's terms), and to quote Rachel Ray, Yumm-O. The house salads were one of the prettiest presentations of a salad we've seen in a while, and they were tasty too. We both had steak (it's a steakhouse, after all), and found it to be good, but slightly over-cooked. And the Chocolate Decadence Cake was good, but not quite decadent. Food Review: B


It isn't the plush dark wood and velvet feel of Harrah's Steakhouse, nor is it the hipper, trendier atmosphere of Sterling's at the Legacy, but somewhere in the middle. It was comfortable and nice, and has the increasingly-popular view into the kitchen from the front tables, complete with kitchen noises but not overwhelmingly so. The lighting was flickering in an odd way which was slightly distracting, and if you peak under the table cloth you'll find a coffee shop/diner style table rather than wood, but those are minor details. Atmosphere Review: B


The server was very nice, and immediately upon attending to us made sure we knew about the early bird special. The wait staff was also attentive, and we never found ourselves needing to flag someone down or waiting too long. She didn't offer additional food or wine suggestions, but neither did we ask. Overall, we had no complaints about the service, but it also didn't stand out in any particular way. Service Review: B+


We ended up ordering the early bird special, which was $19.99 for a soup/salad, entree, potato & veggies. By the time we added an appetizer, dessert, a couple glasses of wine and a tip, we hit $90. Still an good value, to be sure, but given that the Harrah's early bird special is $25 for basically the same thing, we would probably choose to go their first. Value Review: A