Pipeline Lounge

Casino:Sands Reno
Type:Bars, Lounges, and Clubs
Cost:$, Very Inexpensive. Most entrees under $8.
Menu:Appetizers, snacks, beer
Direct Link:Pipeline Lounge Information
Last Visit:November, 2009


The Pipeline Lounge is a small bar adjacent to the Sportsbook at the Sands. And, that's exactly why you should be hanging out here - so you can walk a mere 15 feet to make a bet. Summary Review: C


Basic bar food, beers, appetizers, and snacks. In that regard, it's always easy to find something tasty to snack on, so keep your order simple and enjoy a cold beer. Food Review: C


The Pipeline Lounge is a long bar adjacent to the Sportsbook and Poker Room areas. There is seating at the bar, as well as a two dozen small tables in the area. There are about a dozen flat-screen TVs along the back of the bar and the sides, which makes it a good companion to the Sportsbook. Atmosphere Review: C-


Basic bar service - get what you want from the bar, maybe if you're lucky someone will come by to take an order. Service Review: C


Bars and lounges aren't the best place to make a meal, but the $1 beers and $2 shrimp cocktail go a long way in making this a good value. Value Review: C+