Restaurante Orozko

Casino:Nugget Reno
Type:Fine Dining
Cost:$$$, Moderate. Most entrees under $25.
Menu:Basque & Mediterranian
Direct Link:Restaurante Orozko Information
Last Visit:September, 2009


The Thursday night wine pairings are a hit! We went because it seemed like a good deal and a good way to "sample" the restaurant. We left laughing with full bellies, and vowing to go back and do that again! Great place to start the night for a group outting. Summary Review: A-


Since we ordered the prix fixe wine pairing menu, we didn't have a choice on the food. But we were there with a large group, and a couple of the people complained that their food was not hot enough when it arrived. Not only did the chef remedy this situation, but then he started bringing out other tapas and desserts for us to sample, and asked if there was anything specific we wanted to try. What I can tell you is that everything we ate was yummy, and his specialty chocolate cake was rich beyond belief. Food Review: A-


Very nice. We sat on the "outside" of the restaurant, which may be standard for the wine pairing (we aren't sure), but we were very comfortable, and since the restaurant is buffered from the main casino floor by the check-in area, we didn't have to deal with excessive noise. Atmosphere Review: B


Fantastic. Extra kudos to chef Alan Cook, who personally took care of us when we had a problem. The regular wait staff was very friendly as well, but he brought energy and fun to table along with his food, and we are definitely looking forward to going back to try more of his creations. Service Review: A


The Thursday night wine pairing is a good deal to begin with, and our specific experience definitely enhanced the value we got from the night! The glasses were all full pours, and the tapas were high quality. Without the supplementary food, we would have left a little hungry, so you should consider ordering a couple of additional appetizers so as not to leave too tipsy. Value Review: A