Casino:Peppermill Reno
Type:Fine Dining
Cost:$$$$, Pricey. Many entrees over $25.
Last Visit:March, 2010


Romanza is the Peppermill's fine dining Italian restaurant. A largely Northern-Italian inspired menu has lots of meat and fish choices, mostly served around various pastas. The classy environment and attentive service come together to deliver one of the area's best meals. If you haven't been to Romanza and the menu looks tempting to you, try it out-we bet you'll enjoy your meal. Summary Review: A


A nice selection of fresh-baked breads with dipping sauce kept us busy before we ordered. We passed on the traditional appetizers, and instead went directly to the soup & salad. The Caesar Salad was tasty with a good presentation, and we really liked that they cut the lettuce, since many fancy restaurants these days tend to serve you full leaves and make you do all the work. The must-be-ordered French-inspired Garlic soup was a clear winner. Romanza's menu is more Northern than Southern Italian, meaning more meat rather than pasta-based dishes. We chose an excellent Roasted Pork Tenderloin in a date sauce served over risotto with butternut squash and leeks, and the Italian Mixed Grill, comprised of a tender lamb shank, a basic chicken breast, and a spicy sausage over a rigatoni pasta and red sauce. Both entrees were excellent. A true Tiramisu finished off the meal, which rivaled the best we've had anywhere. Food Review: A


Romanza is adjacent to the main casino floor, with a small entrance, but don't let that fool you. Once you walk into the large, two-level circular dining area, you are completely isolated from the noise of the casino floor. The large, domed ceiling is dimly lit above a large statue, and red curtains adorned the walls. We were seated on the lower level, in a booth that faced outwards. Due to the outwardly curved layout of the floor, we could only see a few other tables and the meal felt quite private and uncrowded. The booth was comfy, the music was just right, though the lighting might have been a little on the dim side. The table was very large, and had more than enough room for all our plates, glasses, tableware, etc. Atmosphere Review: A


We were seated by the restaurant manager a few minutes before our 6:00pm reservation. Although we were told there were no 6:30pm reservations available, the restaurant was not crowded during our time there, so perhaps they have staffing or other issues right now. Leo was our server for the evening, who said he had been there for three years. He knew the menu, and made a few excellent recommendations. All the courses were served promptly, and the overall pacing of the meal was perfect. The warm almond-scented towels presented to wipe our hands before dessert was a nice touch. Service Review: A


Two glasses of wine, two appetizers, two entrees, and one dessert came to $106, $125 with tip. We needed to remind ourselves that this wasn't an inexpensive family spaghetti place, but rather an elegant Northern-Italian fine-dining restaurant. The two glasses of wine were both very generous pours. Value Review: A-