Saucy's Smokehouse

Casino:Peppermill Reno
Type:Casual Dining
Cost:$$, Inexpensive. Most entrees under $15.
Last Visit:September, 2009


Saucy's is hard to accurately review. The BBQ was enjoyable, but at the same time it felt like fast-food at sit-down prices. We'll probably go back, but its hard to define with so many good choices around. If you want BBQ, there's few choices and this will take care of the craving. Summary Review: C+


The BBQ has a very good flavor, and that's essential for a BBQ place! The curly fries were crispy, and the whole meal was tasty. Its not awesome BBQ, but good enough when you need a fix. Food Review: B


Its walk-up ordering, but then someone will bring the food to your table. The tables are a step-up from basic tables, but a step-down from nice restaurant tables. The chairs were very comfy, and styled after the casino chairs. The hardwood floor looked fake until you looked closely at it. The atmosphere was a bit...weird. Atmosphere Review: C


Its a order-at-the-counter type place, but they do bring the food out to you. There's not much to say about service. Service Review: C


The sandwiches were fine, with most items being between $9 and $14 or so. Unfortunately you have to add sides like fries. And, they're pushing the envelope on soda prices, where a drink is $2.75. So given the "good but not great" food and a full meal price getting expensive, its hard to give Saucy's good marks for Value. Value Review: C-