Whistlestop Deli

Casino:Tamarack Reno
Cost:$, Very Inexpensive. Most entrees under $8.
Menu:Deli, desserts
Last Visit:September, 2009


A small deli counter with tempting desserts. Fine when you're on the run, but there's nowhere to really eat what you ordered. Summary Review: C+


Its probably better to grab a quick dessert or pastry, as you can get similar sandwiches at similar prices at both other places here. We had a fine sandwich, and, of course, really enjoyed our dessert. So, yeah, stick with the desserts! Food Review: B-


There's really no atmosphere. There's a small counter right next to the food counter where you can sit or stand and quickly eat whatever you ordered. Other than that, its right on the casino floor with lots of people milling about. Yes, its clean and fine, but its just a snack place. Atmosphere Review: C-


Its just a stand-up-and-order kind of place, so there's not a lot of service that can be had here. Service Review: C+


As is true with most little snack counters, things simply cost more than we think they should, but that's usually still less than a cookie at Starbucks, so maybe we're just being silly. Value Review: B-