Bars, Lounges, and Clubs

Bars and lounges typically serve drinks and alcohol, and may or may not have some light food items.

Aura Ultra Lounge (Silver Legacy, $, B+)

Aura doesn't get hopping until at least 10pm, so if you try to go earlier you'll be disappointed. The crowd tends to be younger (20's), but the music is a selection of dance music ranging from some of the more popular late 80's/early 90's stuff to present day tunes. Overall, we had a lot of fun and will be going back!

Rum Bullion's (Silver Legacy, $, B+)

Fun place to hang out and have a few drinks, especially if it's one of the nights when the dueling piano guys are there!

Pipeline Lounge (Sands, $, C)

The Pipeline Lounge is a small bar adjacent to the Sportsbook at the Sands. And, that's exactly why you should be hanging out here - so you can walk a mere 15 feet to make a bet.

Enoteca (Siena, $$, No Grade)

Enotica is a high-end wine bar, with a classy appetizer & snack menu. Its not really a Bar, but its not really a Restaurant, either. If you think "wine first, then food, maybe", you're on the right track.