Buffets are the traditional casino buffet experience. Wide variety, large seating, huge dessert table, and should be inexpensive.

Carvings Buffet (Harrah's, $$, B)

A huge variety of food, casual atmosphere and a reasonable price make Carving's Buffet at Harrah's Reno a reasonable choice. Just remember you're going to a buffet.

Chef's Buffet (Eldorado, $$, B)

Great ambiance, good food, and decent variety make for a nice buffet. Just be careful on weekends as the price can add up quickly.

Island Buffet (Peppermill, $$, B)

A wide variety of good food and reasonable prices make for a fine buffet. Just ignore the silly thunder and lightening thing and enjoy the meal.

Flavors! The Buffet (Silver Legacy, $$, B)

A surprisingly nice buffet that doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should. If they could bump the food quality up a tad without raising prices, it would be in the running for a top choice buffet in the area.

Toucan Charlie's Buffet (Atlantis, $$$, B-)

A wide variety of food and a comfortable environment make for an enjoyable buffet experience. Unfortunately, the price can get expensive quickly, so bring a coupon.

Fallen Leaf Buffet (Baldini's, $, B-)

Baldini's has a good up-and-coming buffet, and with its low-cost "2 can dine for" specials, its a great value in the area. The food is good, the seating is comfortable. However, its not a mega-buffet, and the service area still feels a bit old. Know that you're getting an inexpensive buffet going in and you'll enjoy yourself.

The Lodge Buffet (REMODELED) (Grand Sierra, $$, B-)

The Lodge Buffet is your stereotypical Casino Buffet--lots of food, good variety, temping desserts, and way more than you can eat. As of February 2011, they have discontinued the $7.77 local's price, and prices now range between $12 and $18 for a meal. The Lodge Buffet was closed and remodeled into The Grand Buffet.

Rotisserie Buffet (Nugget, $$, C)

There are better buffets in Reno, and there are better restaurants in the Nugget. Barely-average food, a dated interior, and too high prices make for a less than impressive experience. The Buffet at the Nugget is only open from Thursday through Sunday for Lunch and Dinner.

Sands Buffet (Sands, $$, No Grade)

The Sands Buffet opens at 4pm daily.

Courtyard Buffet (Circus Circus, $$, No Grade)