Casual Dining

Casual Dining has table-service, but a more modest cost-conscious menu. These are coffee shops, family restaurants, and regular restaurants.

Coffee Shop (Peppermill, $$, A)

The Peppermill is known for good food, and the coffee shop is one of their best. A coffee shop should have lots of choices at all hours of the day, inexpensive reasonable prices, and a good atmosphere. The Coffee Shop fires on all cylinders and delivers a great experience.

Smokin' Gecko's BBQ (Circus Circus, $, B+)

Smokin' Gecko's BBQ opened up in the Circus in 2009, and brought us the areas first BBQ restaurant. The place is nice inside for a casual restaurant, the food was tasty, and the menu was definitely inexpensive. Its a bit different from the standard coffee shop or bar, and we'll definitely go back!

Brew Brothers (Eldorado, $, B+)

If you're not going to try the beer, there's better food elsewhere. If you want a good microbrew and pub-style food to go along with that beer, move Brew Brother's to the top of your list.

Kokopelli's Sushi (Circus Circus, $$$, B+)

Kokopelli's Sushi delivers a fine $17 all-you-can-eat lunch meal. It's a very standard all-you-can-eat sushi lunch experience compared to other choices in Reno, so dig in and enjoy.

Branding Iron Cafe (Bonanza, $, B+)

24-hour Value is the goal at the Branding Iron Cafe, and they hit a home-run on that. You're sure to find something you like on the extensive menu, with prices all very reasonable. Buffets are also served here on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday Brunch.

Sushi Bar and Oyster Bar (Atlantis, $$$, B+)

Every time we've been tempted to go to the Oyster Bar, we're scared off by the prices and tempted back to all-you-can-eat lunch sushi. The sushi bar is good, and the $16 lunch buffet is a fine value for very good sushi. It can be a little crowded on a busy day, so keep that in mind.

Sully's Sports Bar (Tamarack, $, B+)

Sully's Sports Bar has plenty of TVs, a decent menu, tasty food, and free wireless. It was a good combo that will draw us back again.

Fairchild's Oyster Bar (Silver Legacy, $$, B)

Fairchild's Oyster Bar has a great seating area, and a small menu of seafood-oriented dishes. However, the meal didn't quite live up to our expectations. It was still good, but we were hoping for something a bit more impressive.

The Brickyard (Baldini's, $, B)

Beer: Check. Bar Food: Check. Low-Cost: Check. Why not?

Tivoli Gardens and Golden Fortune (Eldorado, $, B)

Tivoli Gardens is the coffee shop inside the Eldorado. The Eldorado lists the Golden Fortune as a separate restaurant, but its really a separate menu inside Tivoli Gardens.

The Empire Diner (Baldini's, $, B)

The Empire Diner is Baldin's 24-hour coffee shop. Reasonable prices, solid service, and tasty food make it a fine choice when you just need some good comfort food!

Rosie's Cafe (Nugget, $$, B)

Rosie's delivers a comfortable coffee shop experience, with good food, friendly service, and a comfortable booth or table. IF you can overlook the dated entrance and decor, the food is good, the bill is inexpensive, and the staff is friendly.

The Dining Car (Tamarack, $$, B)

The Dining Car is Tamarack's 24-hour coffee shop. The menu changes with time of day, so not all food items are available all the time. Keep an eye on the specials for tasty food at a good value.

Cafe Alfresco (Atlantis, $$, B)

Cafe Alfresco is a small dining place with a unique menu and tasty food. Be sure to save room for the Gelato, and enjoy people-watching across the buffet and casino floor.

Sundance Cafe (Closed) (Boomtown, $$, B-)

The Sundance is a fine coffee shop hidden in the back of Boomtown. As of July 16th, 2009, the Sundance Cafe appears to be gone and replaced with a Denny's. Yes, a Denny's.

Top Deck Restaurant (Cal Neva, $, B-)

This 24-hour coffee shop has a standard menu, no-frills environment, and decent value. No surprises here, and that's a good thing.

Biscotti's (Peppermill, $$$, B-)

Fun area, tempting menu. But, ultimately, a little pricey for what turned out to be food that was prettier than it tasted.

Mel's Diner (Sands, $, B-)

Mel's Diner is a chain restaurant straight out of the movie Grease, and also serves as the Sand's 24-hour coffee shop. It's not fancy, but the $3 Player's Breakfast is an amazing value. Outside of that, it was a very average experience. If you need a $3 breakfast at 3am or 3pm, or just like the "diner" experience, this is the place to come.

Cafe Sedona (Silver Legacy, $$, C+)

The best thing about Cafe Sedona is the view of all the people walking around. Outside of that, its a basic coffee shop.

Saucy's Smokehouse (Peppermill, $$, C+)

Saucy's is hard to accurately review. The BBQ was enjoyable, but at the same time it felt like fast-food at sit-down prices. We'll probably go back, but its hard to define with so many good choices around. If you want BBQ, there's few choices and this will take care of the craving.

Cafe Sierra (Grand Sierra, $$, C)

Cafe Sierra is the Grand Sierra's 24-hour coffee shop, seating over 200 people and having a wide variety of items on their menu. It delivers a fine, but not memorable, experience.

Round Table Pizza (Grand Sierra, $, C)

Chain Pizza. Don't expect much, and they'll deliver. Oddly enough, we've been there more than once.

Casino Grill Diner (Cal Neva, $, C)

The Casino Grill is a quick diner-style grill sitting in the bottom floor of the Cal Neva. Its a bit unique in that its so functionally basic. There's no table seating or table service. Heck, there's no tables!

Purple Parrot (Atlantis, $$, C)

The Atlantis can serve up some very good food and have excellent service, neither of which you're going to find in the Purple Parrot. There are better choices here, unless it's the only place open.

Johnny Rockets (Grand Sierra, $, C-)

Johnny Rockets tries to be In and Out--and doesn't succeed. Go to In and Out instead, unless you're at the GSR. In which case, go to the Buffet instead. It is an below-average burger at an above-average price.

Trader Dick's (Nugget, $$$, No Grade)

Noodle Hut (Nugget, $$, No Grade)

John's Oyster Bar (Nugget, $$$, No Grade)

Fuzio (Sands, $$, No Grade)

This is the "Fuzio Universal Bistro" chain out of Northern California, and this is their only Nevada location. We were looking forward to trying out Fuzio on Sunday afternoon, but they do not open until 4pm each day.

Contrada Cafe (Siena, $$, No Grade)

Fresh Express Food Court (Silver Legacy, $$, No Grade)

Cafe Napa (Harrah's, $$, No Grade)

Joy Luck Noodle Bar (Harrah's, $$, No Grade)

The Pasta Shoppe (Cal Neva, $, No Grade)

Copper Ledge (Cal Neva, $$, No Grade)

Main Street Deli (Circus Circus, $, No Grade)

Americana Cafe (Circus Circus, $$, No Grade)

Oceano (Peppermill, $$$$, No Grade)

Manhatten Deli (Atlantis, $$, No Grade)