Fine Dining

Fine Dining is a higher-end experience, narrower menu, deeper wine list. This is where each casino gets to stretch their wings and show you just how darned good they can be. Some are an wonderful experience.

Harrah's Steakhouse (Harrah's, $$$$, A+)

Harrah's Steakhouse in Reno succeeds in delivering a great steakhouse experience: amazing meat, traditional decor, and top-notch service. We have been to many of the nation's finest steakhouses, and have no reservations about saying this experience ranks right up there among the best.

Romanza (Peppermill, $$$$, A)

Romanza is the Peppermill's fine dining Italian restaurant. A largely Northern-Italian inspired menu has lots of meat and fish choices, mostly served around various pastas. The classy environment and attentive service come together to deliver one of the area's best meals. If you haven't been to Romanza and the menu looks tempting to you, try it out-we bet you'll enjoy your meal.

Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse (Silver Legacy, $$$$, A)

Sterling's Steakhouse at the Legacy delivers a very good meal with great service in a modern environment. It's impossible to review Sterling's without comparing it to Harrah's Steakhouse. Both deliver with great food and service, and though prices are expensive, both are a fine dining experience. Where Harrah's is a small dining room with traditional cherry and leather furniture served by men in tuxedos, Sterling's is an open environment with better lighting, higher ceilings, and an exposed kitchen. Perhaps the only miss at Sterling's is a wine list that doesn't have many value choices.

Restaurante Orozko (Nugget, $$$, A-)

The Thursday night wine pairings are a hit! We went because it seemed like a good deal and a good way to "sample" the restaurant. We left laughing with full bellies, and vowing to go back and do that again! Great place to start the night for a group outting.

Lexie's on the River (Siena, $$$$, B+)

Lexie's offers an elegant dining room, and delivers on their promise of intimacy, elegance, and excellent food. The bill will get pricey by time you're done, but enjoy the views of the Truckee River and savor the food and wine.

Roxy (Eldorado, $$$$, B+)

If you're looking for a good steak and seafood restaurant, Roxy is a great choice. It's more expensive than some places, and less expensive than others. But most importantly, the food is good and the atmosphere enjoyable. Thought it's not on our "regular" rotation list, it's a great place to splurge for a special event.

Steakhouse Grill (Nugget, $$$$, B+)

Much better than expected! Back when John Ascuaga owned a cattle ranch, you could always rely on the Nugget to have excellent quality meats. Since then, it's been a little hit or miss, or at least the perception has been that it's hit or miss. But we were pleasantly surprised by the overall dining experience.

La Strada (Eldorado, $$$, B)

If you like Macaroni Grill, think of La Strada as the slightly more upscale, non-chain version of that restaurant. Good atmosphere, good service, and good food overall. Not the best Italian restaurant in the area, but certainly a fine choice if you're downtown.

Chi (Peppermill, $$$, B)

Good food, great service, and a nice environment. Nothing was wrong, but ultimately it felt like a lot to pay for Chinese food.

The Prime Rib Grill (Eldorado, $$$, B)

We had a fine evening at the Prime Rib Grill. The restaurant area was fine, the meal was good, and the service was attentive. But, with so many other good choices close by, I think we'll try something new rather than go back. That said, it still earned a "B" from Biggest Little Weekend, so at least go once and make up your own mind.

Cactus Creek Steakhouse (Bonanza, $$$$, B)

The Cactus Creek Steakhouse at the Bonanza Casino is a good steakhouse with fun decor and good service. They serve a tasty meal in a casual steakhouse experience. If you want a very good steak but don't want to dress up for the occasion, this may be the place for you.

Bimini Steakhouse (Peppermill, $$$$, B)

One of the better options for a steakhouse in Reno. Good food, good service, and interesting atmosphere. Worth the trip.

Ichiban (Harrah's, $$$, B)

Ichiban is the fun Japanese Teppanyaki experience where the chef makes your food on a hot griddle in the middle of the table. Ichiban is about the experience, not the food. It can be a fun experience, but don't expect elegant food.

Charlie Palmer Steak (Grand Sierra, $$$$, B-)

Going to a high-end steakhouse with the Charlie Palmer name comes with high expectations. Unfortunately, our experience didn't live up to this expectation. We've been to other Charlie Palmer restaurants and have thought them to be exceptional.

Briscola (Grand Sierra, $$$$, C+)

Briscola opened in July 2009. It's a high-end Italian restaurant operated by Charlie Palmer, who also runs Charlie Palmer Steak, and Fin Fish at the Grand Sierra. Their website bills Briscola as "A family style, Italian eatery, Chef Palmer’s menu includes Italian favorites at affordable family prices", a description that couldn't be less accurate. Prices were anything but affordable, and the environment was no where near family friendly. With spotty service and mostly average food, we won't be going back soon.

Cassidy's Steakhouse (Boomtown, $$$, No Grade)

Charlie Palmer Fin Fish (Grand Sierra, $$$$, No Grade)

Andreotti's (CLOSED) (Harrah's, $$$, No Grade)

As of January 2010, Andreotti's is currently closed with no plans for reopening.

Steakhouse at Circus (Circus Circus, $$$$, No Grade)

Bistro Napa (Atlantis, $$$$, No Grade)

Atlantis Steakhouse (Atlantis, $$$$, No Grade)

The Atlantis Steakhouse reopened in January of 2010 after being closed for many years.