Snacks are smaller places to grab something on the go. You usually order from a counter, they have very small menus, and low prices. Its basically grab-and-go. You typically order your food standing up!

SIPS Coffee & Tea (Silver Legacy, $, B+)

At least its not Starbucks! No, seriously, its a cute, small, independent coffee shop. Just what you need when you want a cup.

Gabe's Pub & Deli (Nugget, $, B)

Gabe's is a small snack area near the sports book. A quick, inexpensive hot dog or small pizza is the call here. Enjoy.

Eldorado Coffee Company (Eldorado, $, B)

The Eldorado Coffee Company is a small coffee-stand outside Tivoli Gardens. Not much for environment, but they dessert counter definitely caught our sweet tooth.

Skyway Deli (Cal Neva, $, B)

The aptly-named Skyway Deli is located on the 2nd floor skyway connecting the parking garage to the main casino.

Quizno's Subs (Harrah's, $, B-)

Its Quiznos. A good chain sub/sandwich shop. My only knock is the noisy/small eating area.

Cabana Cafe (Sands, $, B-)

The Cabana Cafe is a little place that's a great value for a hot dog, a sub, and a quick place to sit down and eat.

2nd Street Express (Grand Sierra, $, B-)

The 2nd Street Express is a small deli and grill located on the main floor. It's fine for a quick sandwich on the go, but don't expect more than fast-food service or presentation (i.e. none!). But, the sandwich was fast and good.

Sportsbook Deli (Cal Neva, $, B-)

The Sports Deli is (obviously) next to the Sports Book, and really there just to grab a bite while you're watching your lines.

Whistlestop Deli (Tamarack, $, C+)

A small deli counter with tempting desserts. Fine when you're on the run, but there's nowhere to really eat what you ordered.

Sports Deli (Peppermill, $$, C+)

Its a good place for a deli sandwich, but don't expect anything in the way of atmosphere. If you want a sandwich on the go, this would work.

Arby's (Sands, $, C)

This is just an Arby's fast-food joint with a little space in the Sands. Mel's, Fuzio, and the Cabana Cafe are all better choices.

Starbuck's Coffee (Nugget, $, No Grade)

Its a Starbucks.

Starbuck's Coffee (Boomtown, $, No Grade)

Its a Starbucks.

Starbuck's Coffee (Grand Sierra, $, No Grade)

Yet another Starbucks.

Port of Subs (Grand Sierra, $, No Grade)

Chain sub shop.

Starbuck's Coffee (Harrah's, $, No Grade)

Cafe Espresso (Peppermill, $, No Grade)

Gourmet Grind (Atlantis, $, No Grade)