Keno is a very old game where each player buys a ticket, and selects a variety of numbers on that ticket. The more numbers that match on that ticket, the greater the winnings! You can win a lot of money on a small bet, but that's also because the odds get really high for lots of matches. Its still fun to buy a ticket when you're sitting a buffet, though!

Peppermill Reno Keno (B)

The Peppermill runs two concurrent Keno games, called "Red" and "Blue". The Keno desk is located in the main casino area near the Coffee Shop restaurant. There are 21 individual seats arranged in two rows, looking up at the two Keno boards, as well as a few additional TVs. Keno is a game that can be played in most any restaurants and around the Keno floor.

Tamarack Reno Keno (B-)

The Tamarack website says they have a Keno game running, but admittedly we must have missed it. Oh well, its just Keno.

Grand Sierra Reno Keno (B-)

The Grand Sierra has a 15-seat small keno area wedged between the Poker Room at the Grand Theater Lobby. There are three small screens behind the desk, and the seating is fairly tight. Fortunately, Keno is a game that can be played any place in the Casino.

Baldini's Reno Keno (C+)

Baldini's does have a Keno game available, and Keno runners throughout the casino and restaurants.