Player's Club

The casino "Player's Club" or "Slot Club" is used to track the amount of play a person does in order to determine comps, tiers, and other benefits. This is also what the Casino Marketing department will use to send offers and promotions directly to you.

Peppermill Reno Player's Club (B-)

The "Peppermill Passport Club" is a tiered club program, where you get more services as you gain points. The main club desk is located in the middle of the gaming floor, you can't miss it. There are a signficant number of self-service kiosks, so you can often get what you need without having to wait in line. We have not received enticing direct mail offers through our Player's Club account, which has been disappointing.

Nugget Reno Player's Club (B-)

The Player's Club at the Nugget is called "John's Club". Its standard fare for a club: you need it to earn comp, its gets you on their marketing list, and points (aka comps) expire within a year. More information about the Nugget Player's Club.

Silver Legacy Reno Player's Club (B-)

The Player's Club at the Silver Legacy is called "Club Legacy". The booth is located on the main gaming floor, near the base of the escalators. We were a little disappointed we didn't get at least a $5 free-play credit for signing up. They have a slide-and-win promotion called "The Mansion" where you can win free prizes, and reslide your card every 4 hours. We won a "free entry in the Sunday drawing", and a "free ace with a $5 blackjack bet". Actually, the Free Ace is fairly nice.

Bonanza Reno Player's Club (B-)

Fort Reno is the Player's Club at the Bonanza. We were pleased to get $5 in Free Play when we signed up, and also easily achieved 250 points on our first day to get a "free" t-shirt! We look forward to seeing what offers the Bonanza sends us to tempt us to return (check back later for that!)

Baldini's Reno Player's Club (C)

The Baldini's All-Stars Player's Club is a basic comp/slot tracking system. They're just starting to improve their direct mail offers, so we'll report back when we see more.

Sands Reno Player's Club (C-)

The Sand's Regency Player's Club is called Terrible's Club, since that is their parent company. Their best food promotions require that you have a club card, and we always advise that you should get one and track your play. We haven't gotten any offers from our test account, and found the staff at the desk could use a brief refresher from Charm School. More information about the Sands Player's Club.