Best Dining

Here's the best restaurant for each dining category. If you're in the mood for something, this is where to go.

Best Fine Dining Restaurant

The best Fine Dining restaurant in Reno Gaming is....well, we don't know yet. There are several places we look forward to going to, so we just don't feel right about picking a winner just yet.
Contenders: We're looking forward to trying these places, based on reputation, and recommendations from friends: Harrah's Steakhouse, Briscola (GSR), Chi (Peppermill), and the Bistro Napa (Atlantis).

Best Casual Dining Restaurant

The best casual dining in Reno right now is the Peppermill Coffee Shop. Its everything you'd expect from a casino coffee shop, all done right. The menu goes on and on and on. Breakfast is served 24 hours a day. A busy staff takes care of you. All the food is very good, and the prices are fair.
Runner-Ups: There are other good casual dining places, also. You'll have a good experience at the Brew Brothers (Eldorado), Cafe Alfresco (Atlantis), or Trader Dick's (Nugget).

Best Buffet

We're not going to crown a #1, since several very good buffets are all, well, very good. That list goes to the Lodge Buffet (GSR), Chef's Buffet (Eldorado), and the Island Buffet (Peppermill). Also, Toucan Charlie's Buffet (Atlantis) has very good food, but can get too expensive for certain meals.

Best Snacks

The best quick food goes to the Peppermill's New York Sports Deli. Generous portions, quick service, and a teasing dessert counter make this a winner for us. There's lots of coffee shops, and the best one is SIPS down at the Silver Legacy.

Best Bar, Club, or Lounge

We haven't been to enough of the Bars and Lounges in the region to put a "best of" stamp on anything yet. We'll do our homework and knock back a few all in the name of research.