Best Slots and Player's Clubs

If you're looking for slots, this is the place to come. Player's Clubs track your gaming and comps.

Best Slot Floor

The best slot floor has to go to the Peppermill. A huge number of machines, lots of variety, loose odds, good service. Everything is new and clean, and a cold drink is never too far away with an attentive staff.

Other Good Slot Floors

There are several good slot floors in the area, including the Grand Sierra, the Atlantis, and in downtown we'd pick the Eldorado and the Legacy.

Best Player's Club

The Player's Club is all about tracking your comps, getting offers. And the winner is...we don't have one. Its not that we don't know them, its just that we don't feel any Player's Club is really standing out in the region. The combination of comps, service, perks, and offers is what makes one stand out--and none do. We still believe you should get cards at every casino, and be sure to track all your slot and table play. However, just don't expect too much!