Casino Shuttles

Unlike Las Vegas, the shuttles in Reno are free. Each casino runs their own shuttle to and from the airport. The airport website has a great page on shuttle service.

Shuttle Timing

Most properties loosely run on a 30 minute or 60 minute schedule during the day, with no service at night. Call the hotel and ask for their Bell Desk to confirm shuttle schedules. If you forget to plan ahead, most casinos will also send a shuttle on demand if you call and ask.

In-Town Reno shuttles

It's hard to efficiently take shuttles between casinos. If you're downtown, then most everything is within walking distance, although getting from the Sienna to Circus will be a bit of a hike. There's also an "RTC Sierra" free shuttle that runs through downtown and up into the UNR campus. Reno has a regular bus system, but no easy routes among casinos. If you still refuse to get a rental car, your best bet is probably shuttle-hopping through the airport.

Limo Service

If you're a VIP, then a quick phone call to your host will get a Limo sent out for you. Most of the larger properties own limos for their VIPs.

Shuttles to North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe

There are two services that provide shuttles to North Tahoe and South Tahoe. Current rates are range from a healthy $46.50 (North Tahoe Express) to $80 (South Tahoe Express) per person, round-trip. Sure makes a rental car look like a good idea.