Driving tips and routes from California

Most all major routes to the Reno/Tahoe area bring you through Sacramento, either up I-80 (to Reno) or US-50 (to South Tahoe).

From Sacramento

Cruise up I-80 right into Reno. You're looking at 2 1/2 hours depending on traffic and how crazy you drive.

From San Francisco

If you're in the city or on the Peninsula, the fastest way to Sac is across the Bay Bridge and over to I-80, unless you try to leave during rush hour. Your other option is to cut thru Pleasanton, out to Tracy, and then I-5 up to Sac. ~ 5 hours.

From Northern or Southern California

Take I-5 to Sac. And, you guessed it, I-80 to Reno.

US-50 to South Tahoe

Taking 50 into South Tahoe is a really pretty drive, but South Lake Tahoe is still 90 minutes from Reno. So if Reno or North Lake is your destination, you're better off driving I-80.