Lists of More Reno Events

There's lots going on in Reno, and here are some links to sources where you can find good guides. There's no one perfect source, so we can't even keep up ourselves. is a great source for lots and lots of events. If you're looking for small things, little events, or a full collection of everything, this page has it. The interface can be tough to search through, but there's lots of stuff in there worth finding.

RSCVA Events List

RSCVA Events Page lists a lot of upcoming events, both for locals and everyone. They have a nice separate listing for all the upcoming Concerts in the area, too.

Check each Casino's website

They don't seem to publish their event lists by RSS or any other easily method. So, you'll just have to surf around a little bit. Check out the Grand Sierra, the Nugget, the Eldorado, Legacy, and pretty much anyone with a large ballroom or concert venue.