Golfing in Reno

Reno has a huge number and variety of golf courses. We have private, challenging 18-hole courses, including one stop of the PGA. We also have driving ranges and executive courses around, too.

Our Favorites

We asked a bunch of our golf friends for their favorite courses, and consistently heard Montreaux (Private), Arrowcreek, Sommerset, Red Hawk and Lakeridge; as well as several of the nice courses in the Tahoe region.

The Complete List

There's just too many courses to try to list individually, so we're going to link to a good source for info. The Official Reno Visitors Bureau page on Golf. Lots of great information and links.

Seasons and Weather

There can be many good golf days throughout winter, it depends on what storm front is going through. Reno can also get a foot of snow, too! During the summer, it can get hot in the middle of the day. REAL hot. Over 100 degrees. And sunny. So be prepared for that, or try to get early or late tee times. It can also be windy, too.