Hot August Nights

Hot August Nights is a Reno-wide muscle-car bonanza. If you like high-dollar restored muscle cars, its a must-see event! There are wonderfully restored pre-73 muscle cars and hot rods everywhere!

For the Spectator

If you don't own a car, but love walking around and seeing all the hot rods, there's still plenty to do. Pretty much every casino ropes off large sections of their parking lot, and you can walk around and look at all the cars, talk with the owners, and have fun!

Finding a Room

Hot August Nights is a huge regional draw, and rooms start to get booked exactly 365 days from the next event. So, plan early--especially if you want to stay in any of the bigger Reno Hotel-Casinos. If you miss your planning window, you might be staying further away.

If you're not a car person...

If you're not a car person, this probably isn't a great week to come gaming in Reno. There's lots of other cool things going on that might better suit your taste!