Renting a Car around Reno

There are several car rental agencies located in the airport, with booths directly across from baggage claim. Refer to the airport website page on car rentals.

Do I really need a car?

Reno is different from the Strip in Vegas. While you rarely need a rental car in Vegas, you'll probably want one when you come to Reno. Things are a more little spread out here, and if you want to try some of the excellent non-downtown properties, it's easiest to drive to them yourself. We'd also recommend visiting Tahoe if you've never been. North Tahoe is pretty spread out, but if you're making a beeline to South Tahoe to stay in the casino area and skiing Heavenly, you may not need a rental car at all. But if it's in your budget, get a car - you'll see more of the area, and enjoy your time here more.

Gas Refill for car return

The exit for the airport from 395 is on Plumb. In the opposite direction of the airport on that same exit is a Costco. You'll need a membership to purchase gas there, but they're the least expensive gas station in the area, often $0.20/gallon lower than regular stations. If you don't have a membership, there's a regular gas station on the way to Costco right on Harvard Way. Those are the closest stations to the airport, as there are no gas pumps after you enter the airport complex.

Winter Rentals

If you're planning to go to Tahoe during the winter, you're better off renting a 4WD vehicle. If you rent a 2WD car anyway, be sure to check ahead of time if it comes with chains. And if it doesn't, carry chains with you even if you have to buy them.