Reno-Tahoe Winter Travel Tips

Getting around Tahoe during a Winter snowstorm can be challenging. Be prepared with info from BLW.


Make sure you car is ready for winter storm driving, meaning it's in good running condition, along with good tires. 4WD/AWD is definitely preferred, and ABS/VSC is also valuable. If you're in a 2WD vehicle, you need to carry chains to get through the chain control checkpoints. Your best bet is to just SLOW DOWN when you drive. Also be sure to carry water, warm clothes, boots, a shovel, and anything else that will help get you out of a jam. Don't rely on your cell phone as you may not have coverage in storm conditions.

Weather Conditions

Here's the current weather conditions for Reno, Truckee, and South Tahoe. Check the pages, severe weather advisories, and radar map for current info.

Highway Conditions

This is probably our favorite map from NV DOT for current road conditions in the Tahoe area. CalTrans also has a list of road conditions in the Lake Tahoe region.