Arcade, Fun Center, Activities

Arcades are a great place to take the young or young-at-heart and just play for a while.

Circus Circus Arcade, Fun Center, Activities (A+)

The arcade at the Circus has a lot of carnival-style games, like skee-ball, basketball shooter, and things like that. Its not as heavy on the typical video games, but great fun for the carnival/older style stuff. And, yes, for adults too! There's also a circus-style trapeze show!

Grand Sierra Arcade, Fun Center, Activities (A+)

There are tons of activities at the GSR for older kids, including bowling, bungee, a large arcade, go-karts, mini golf, indoor golf range, and outdoor golf range. No, really, a bungee/swing thing!

Boomtown Arcade, Fun Center, Activities (A+)

The Arcade and Fun Center at Boomtown is one of the largest in the area. Its also all indoors for those cold & windy days. They have a smaller video arcade, several carnival rides inside, and a variety of carnival games. There's also 2 or 3 small rooms that can be booked for birthday parties. They do not open until Noon each day, so be aware of that before you head out! There is a full-size carousel inside, too! There is a very fancy flight-simulator game that is awesome for the older kids (and adults, too!), and a variety of games for the younger set. A small indoor miniature golf game is also fun. More information about the Boomtown Arcade, Fun Center, Activities.

Peppermill Arcade, Fun Center, Activities (A)

The Arcade Xtreme at the Peppermill is located on the walkway between the main casino and the parking garage. They have a wide variety of new games, and also can host parties and other things. Definitely check them out if your teenager (or, uh, you) has the need to blast some things! We'll admit to a few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution...

Atlantis Arcade, Fun Center, Activities (A-)

The Atlantis Fun Center is located on the 2nd floor above the main Casino. The Arcade has a wide variety of new games, as well as classics for Mom & Dad. There's a small snack bar in the arcade. This is a fun place to bring the kids to burn off some extra energy.

Nugget Arcade, Fun Center, Activities (B+)

The Nugget has a large arcade on the 2nd floor. This is one of the larger arcades in Reno, and has a small snack center located nearby. More information about the Nugget Arcade, Fun Center, Activities.