Cancellation Policies

Be aware of each casino's cancellation policies. The only thing worse than paying a lot for a stay is paying a lot when you DON'T stay. Cancellation policies are usually stricter around busier times.

Peppermill Cancellation Policies (B)

Your reservation must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid any cancellation charges. This changes to 72 hours in advance for holidays or special events.

Eldorado Cancellation Policies (B)

You must cancel 24 hours in advance to be sure of a full refund.

Boomtown Cancellation Policies (B)

Boomtown requires 24-hour notice to get a full refund when canceling your reservation.

Harrah's Cancellation Policies (B-)

72-hour cancellation. Cancellation after that incurs the charge of the first night's stay.

Grand Sierra Cancellation Policies (B-)

Cancellation window is 48 hours, except for Hot August Nights, where that switches to 2 weeks!

Siena Cancellation Policies (B-)

You need to call the Siena 2 days before your arrival on noon that day for a no-fee cancellation.