Front Desk

Nugget Front Desk (B)

The front-desk and check-in area is large and impressive. We've found the staff friendly and rarely have a long wait.

Atlantis Front Desk (B)

The Atlantis Front Desk is near the West Entrance. The staff is friendly, but the lines can get long during peak periods.

Silver Legacy Front Desk (B)

The Legacy front-desk is large and elegant, with a friendly staff.

Peppermill Front Desk (B)

The large front-desk at the Peppermill has always been quick for us, and the staff has been friendly.

Grand Sierra Front Desk (B)

The large and long front desk at the Grand Sierra is located behind the main entrance on the main casino floor.

Siena Front Desk (B)

The front desk and reception area at the Sienna is small, but elegant.

Eldorado Front Desk (B)

The Eldo front desk has been fast and accurate for us. No problems there.

Boomtown Front Desk (B)

The reception area at Boomtown is large and comfortable. We only stayed there once, but check-in was quick, and there were some sitting areas nearby.