Penthouse Suites

Penthouses are the best of the best. Some penthouse suites in Reno are over 4000 square feet and have the most plush and recent of anything you'd want.

Atlantis Penthouse Suites (A)

The Atlantis boasts a few of the largest and nicest penthouse suites in Reno. If you've got the bankroll to play, you'll never pay for these rooms...

Eldorado Penthouse Suites (A)

There are two classes of Penthouses at the Eldorado, the "Spa Tower 1-bedroom Suite", and the "Penthouse Suite". Although the former isn't on the Penthouse, at 1500 square feet its certainly large enough to be one of the best rooms in Reno.

Peppermill Penthouse Suites (A-)

There are a few penthouse suites at the Peppermill. These are available only to VIP casino players.

Siena Penthouse Suites (B)

The Penthouse Suites at the Siena are 1050 square feet, making them one of the smaller Penthouse Suites in Reno. That being said, they are new and comfortable from what we hear.

Sands Penthouse Suites (No Grade)

There is one Penthouse at the Sands called the "Presidential Suite". At 1100 square feet, its quite large, but not as large and fancy as some of the best penthouses in Reno. More information about the Sands Penthouse Suites.

Circus Circus Penthouse Suites (No Grade)

At just over 1000 square feet, we'll classify the "Executive Suite" as a Penthouse. Be aware, BLW has not seen the inside of this particular Penthouse.

Silver Legacy Penthouse Suites (No Grade)

The Penthouses and Presidential Suites are reserved for high rollers.